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External Aluminum Adjustable Shutters Suitable for Sunshine Coast

Coastal Awnings External Adjustable Shutters  are manufacture here in Australia

External shutters with adjustable blades and sliding panels
Outdoor adjustable aluminium shutters
Aluminium outdoor adjustable louvres
Coastal Awnings Adjustable Aluminium Shutte

Coastal Awnings External Outdoor Shutters are a fresh, highly durable shutter suitable for any climate. They are both stylish and strong.

  • Virtually maintenance free

  • Encourages air flows throughout the room.

  • Affordable - Now offering some of the best supply and install deals.

  • Easy to clean

  • No cords or pulleys - Neat stylish.

  • Easy to control airflow and Privacy.


Perfect for coastal areas like the Sunshine Coast these aluminum shutters provide a lot of protection when needed but still enhance the look of your home.

Coastal Awnings External Adjustable Shutters  are manufacture here on the Sunshine Coast and are suitable for any decor and budget, They including a Full range of sliding bi-past panels or Bi-folding panel options as well as fixed panels.


Bi-folding external aluminum shutters have been very popular here on the Sunshine Coast, for the soul reason that they allow totally control of being able to open up or close off an area, or simply adjust the shutter blades to control airflow and privacy as well as providing storm protection.

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