Alpha Awnings for the Sunshine Coast

 Awnings on your home

- Above or around your verandahs, patios, balconies

- Adjustable shade, privacy screening and in some applications added security 
- They provide for wonderful outdoor entertaining areas
- Make fabulous looking additions to any home when placed above windows and doors .
- The ultimate solution for opening up or closing off areas subject to varying weather conditions

image of cable guided external awning
image of a pivot arm external window awning in coastal area


Featuring 5 matching awning styles 


  • Cable guide

  • Straight drop

  • Side retention system

  • Pivot arm

  • Deep channel



Cable guide - the ultimate industrial look to give you privacy and allows ventilation


Straight drop - sleek and simple with a modern aesthetic, suitable for traditional window frames


Side retention system  - ideal for high wind areas. completly enclosing an outside area, with no gaps for dust and dirt to enter. Best suited for sun/UV protection, insect resistance, windy applications, enclosing a balcany plus creating privacy, light and heat control.


Pivot arm - perfect for outward opening windows, to circulate air flow and reduce direct sunlight into the home. The open headbox increases air circulation around the roller. This minimises heat build up.


Deep channel - The cost effective alternative to the Alpha SRS Awning and also good for “out of square” installs.It creates complete privacy and eliminates any light gaps, with the function of multiple lock of location at various heights.

image of beautiful side retention awning suitable for Sunshine Coast area
color chart of available  awning colors

The Alpha series allows you to mix and match the different design approaches and yet retain a highly fashionable and overall unified appearance. that will compliment your home

impressive custom awning combination
Side Retention Awning

Pivot Arm

Straight Drop Awnings

Alpha Awning Design Features and Benifits

The bottom rail has a variety of additional options which well suited to the Sunshine Coast's coastal areas

[1]  the bottom weight bar can be increased to 2.2Kg per meter which keeps fabric taut and helps prevent bottom rail bounce in windy conditions


[2] The bottom bar also allows the addition of locking bolts and hold down straps which can be placed anywhere along the bottom rail.  Desirable given we are sometimes subject to cyclonic conditions.



[3] Awning bottom rail allow for the addition of a pile brush or fabric valance which can effective seal off the gap at the bottom of the awning drop preventing insects , light and rain splash. from  protected area.


[4] The latest bottom rail from Alpha has a concealed spline insert which conceals all fabric joins. This means an awning 5 meters wide with an Everview External screen will have no visible welds or joins, maintaining a very clean and stylish look for an outside awning.

showing examples of differ bottom bars for the awnings
showing the three different type of awning header boxes

Header Boxes


The Closed header box fully protects the awning when not in use .



The Open header box is used for pivot arm awnings. The open box also allows for front rolled  awning installation. ( There are building design situations that prevent back rolling awnings) Its also ideal for cable guided awnings.




The Open Roller  has the aluminium header box removed thus making it ideal for customers on a tight budget.

image link for a free quote from Coastal Awnings
awning through the wall chord control
remote controlled awning
internal chord winch to operate external awnings

A choice of four.


  • Manual Crank

Use handle crank attached to awning and wind.





  • Internal Chord Winch

Allows you to control operate external awnings from inside the house





  • Spring Operation

Manual pull down and push up and lock in place mechanism






  • Motorisation

Operate awnings using remote control. Can also be integrated with automatic climate sensors






Alpha Linking  benefits


The Alpha Linking System allows up to three awnings to be joined together and yet still operated from one location as if the three were one huge awning.

This really is a nice feature..

Awnings linked  in this way  makes motorisation even more affordable as you only need  one motor and one electrical connection



Alpha Awning operating systems

Drawing of awning crank handle
manual operated awning

Manual Awning control

Internal Awning control

Remote Awning Control

Full Detail PDF Documentation