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Outdoor blinds & Awnings / Sunshine Coast

Welcome to Coastal Awnings Sunshine Coast



We supply and install a large range of custom made to measure external outdoor blinds & patio awnings including

  • Automatic motorised retractable awning.

  • Zipscreen Awning (motorised options)

  • Cable guided

  • Straight drop

  • Side retention system

  • Pivot arm

  • Ziptrak® Patio Blinds

  • Deep channel

  • Folding - Arm Awnings

  • Standard Awnings 

  • Aluminum Louver Awnings

  • Multi stop side channel

  • PVC Cafe Awnings

  • External Blinds


patio awning perfect for the Sunshine Coast, Zipscreen Awnings that are the best outside blind and make the perfect outdoor blinds and external blinds
retractable folding arm awning, patio awning and oudoor blinds that make for great outside blinds perfect for shading windows and patio blinds for the sunshine coast

Your external outdoor blinds & awning specialists

motorised outdoor blind and patio awning perfect for shading outside entertainment areas on the sunshine coast
outside blinds and external awnings that work well with any patio and outdoor blinds
special offer for external awning on the Sunshine Coast and outside patio blinds
motorised outside retractable external patio awnings and oudoor blinds

Folding Arm Awnings

retractable folding arm awning and patio blinds that shade windows and outdoor areas

Folding arm awnings are a retractable awning that helps to provide a stylish and practical shade solution for any patio or outdoor living area.

Constructed with heavy duty aluminium and 308 stainless steel componentry that allows the folding arm awning to have a projection of up to 3.5m and a width of up to 14m wide.

Our folding arm awnings are available in a exstensive range of fabrics and colours.

Some key points of folding arm awnings that we at Coastal Awnings supply are,

  • Custom made to your measurement.

  • Aluminium is powder coated after being cut to size in the manufacturing process, this help to prevent any corrosion underneath the powder coating. 

  • Parts that are not powder coated are stainless steel.

  • Folding arm awnings come in a motorised option and a crank handle option.



Zipscreen Patio Blinds

zipscreen awning and link to the zipscreen awning which make great patio blinds and shading your outdoor area with these outside blinds and awnings

Zipscreen patio awnings are the ultimate in patio and outdoor entertainment shade and weather solutions through allowing you to be protected from the elements without blocking your views.

The side channels of the all weather Zipscreen awning provides a constant tension on the fabric to keep it taut and to help stop any sagging or ripples in the fabric, this giving the zipscreen a very stylish and sleek look when installed.

Some key points of the Zipscreen Awning

  • Powder coated after being cut to size in the manufacturing process, helps stop corrosion in coastal conditions.

  • Fabric is locked into the side tracks which helps to deal with strong winds, and stop the fabric from flapping in the side channels.

  • Parts that are not powder coated are stainless steel.


Cable Guide Awning

patio awning and outdoor blinds that are perfect for shading your windows from the outside
external blinds locally manufactured and perfect for those outdoor patio areas

Cable guide awning is ideal for those areas where the side channel awnings are not,

The weighted base rail is guided by its discrete high tensile marine grade stainless steel cables making it perfect for coastal conditions.

can be used with or without a aluminium headbox, head box can be powder coated to any of the Dulux powder coat colours.


Pivot Arm Awning

Outdoor pivot arm awnings and blinds

Pivot Arm awning are perfect for keeping the heat of the sun off your windows or extending your patio area, the fabric is projected off the window which allows the air to flow behind the fabric of the awning which helps to stop heat transmitting in through your windows, the pivot arms can be stopped at your desired pitch. Photo's to the left show the pivot arm in its open and closed position. 

The heavy duty springs within the pivot arm provides excellent amount of tension on the fabric of the pivot arm awning , which in turn makes for a very clean cut and stylish awning.

Fabric flapping is not a problem with the pivot arm as of a result of the high tension in the pivot arms.

Huge range of fabrics to choose from and powder coat colours to help match any exterior.

Multi Stop Side Channel Awning

patio blinds and veranda awnings are ideal for those outdoor entertaining areas were people use outside blinds
patio awnings and oudoor blinds for shading and storm protection of veranda and outside entertainment areasand external blinds

Multi Stop Side Channel awnings are a simple and robust patio awning that will suit any style of home,The Multi Stop awning consists of a top roll system with a heavy duty inner spring which keeps costant tension on the fabric, with a easy twist of the bottum rail allows you to stop the bottum rail at any height you desire.

Side channels can be powder coated to match your decor,

Huge range of fabrics to choose from, all seams and splines are heat welded, not sewn , to ensure a more durable and longer life of the awning.

A very cost effective way to shelter your patios and verandas.

PVC Patio & Cafe Awnings

Pvc patio awnings and outside blinds
sample of the pvc patio awnings and outdoor pvc cafe blinds

PVC patio awnings and Cafe blinds are a great cost affective way of protecting your out side entertainment areas from the wind and the rain.

There is a couple of different types of pvc awnings to choose from there is your rope and pulley cafe style blind to the side retension were the pvc fabric is locked in the side tracks which helps to give a very clean straight look and minimise any flapping noise.

All our PVC blinds and awnings are custom made and are available in clear or tinted PVC (plastic) and a large range of sunscreen fabric.


Fixed Canopy Awnings

image of a fixed Aluminium outdoor patio awningand outside blinds
image of fixed alloy veranda awningand patio blinds

The fixed aluminium awnings are a very cost effective way to protect your window and doors from the rain and sun,

  • There is a great range of traditional and modern colours to choose from.

  • Totally water proof

  • Ideal for covering those exposed decks or balcony

  • Can bloke up to 85% of normal heat transmitted through your windows or doors.

  • max projection up to 2.5m and a width up to 6m.

For more information please contact us for a free measure and quote.

Adjustable Louvre Awnings

link and image of adjustable loure awning

Adjustable louvre awnings are one of the most effective awnings for light, heat and breeze control.

  • light and durable

  • Ideal way of controling privacy whilst at the same time not obstructing your view or air flow.

  • Available with either internal or external operation.

  • There is a great range of traditional and modern colours to choose from.

  • panels can easily be replaced if damaged or want to change colours without removing the awning.


Internal & External Operation

External Roller Shutters

external roller shutters perfect for storm protection, outdoor roller shutters also help reduce traffic noise,

External aluminium roller shutters offer some of the best protection from severe storms as well as offering a great visual deterrent to unwanted intruders, not only do there help to blockout harmful uv rays they also help reduce external noise.

Our roller shutters are manufacture using only the highest quailty materials the industry has to offer and manufacture here in Australia.

Here are some great reasons to consider roller shutters.

  • Protection from severe storms and hail

  • Protect your home with maximum security

  • Giving you excellant control over air ventilation and light control

  • External noise reduction

  • Great range of colours to choose from

Roller shutters can be installed to almost any window or opening and can be easily operated from inside your home,

ziptrak patio blinds are unique with there specially designed side tracks making them perfect for the outside enviroment and locally made here on the sunshine coast

Ziptrak® Patio Blinds

The Ziptrak® patio blind with its unique side tracks that lock the fabric in without restricting the up and down movement of the fabric, is truly one of the best patio blinds on the market.

  • No zips

  • No tricky twisting of bottom rails to keep it in place

  • No rope and pulleys to move it up and down

  • Its as easy as move the bottom base rail to your desired spot and walk away its that easy.

  • Large range of fabrics to choose from and powder coat colours

  • CLICK on the more details button to see a short video of the ziptrak blind in action.

ziptrak blinds and awnings are one of the market leaders in the outdoor blind market here on the sunshine coast

Sunshine Coast Awnings and external blinds are designed to serve several functional purposes.

  • Energy Saving

  • Weather Protection

  • Identification and Advertising

  • Architectural aesthetics

The latest stylish awning fabics are very durable, bright, easy to clean and fire retardant. The structural awning frames are light,  very high strength and anti corrosive

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