Folding Arm Awnings for the Sunshine Coast

Maximise your outdoor living experience with our Fabric Folding Arm Awnings. These retractable awnings provide a valuable shade to any external living areas, such as patios, courtyards and balconies.

 Klip Folding Arm Awning

Picture of a klip folding arm retractable awning in the open position which are ideal outside awnings for the sunshine coast

Klip system - KLIP traditional style awning features a vertical pivot angle design best suited for open area applications. You can choose between manual crank or motorised systems.

This awning is designed to

  • with stand winds up to 50km/hr.

  •  offers between 5 and 65 degree angle of pitch, the pitch of the awning can be adjusted onsite after install so that we get the perfect shade coverage.

  • Awning is powder coated after being cut to size to reduce the risk of corrosion.

  • Die cast aluminium brackets and supports

  • Stainless Steel fixings.

  • Large range of fabrics to choose from both sunscreen & canvas.

  • Patented design.

Coastal Awnings Klip awning in closed position, perfect outside blind and external awnings for the sunshine coast region

Shan Folding Arm Awning

picture of Shan system folding arm awning in the open position. commercial quality awning

Shan folding arm system - top of the range awning - SHAN  A exceptional awning featuring a stylish enclosed cover headbox.

This awning,

  •  can stand up to 50km/hr winds

  •  can achieve 10 mtr widths and 4 mtr projection

  •  easy to maintain without uninstalling

  •  enclosed cassette protecting blind when not in use.

  • powder coated aluminium and stainless steel.

  • huge range of fabric to choose from

  • most commonly used on commercial projects


shan awning from coastal awnings on the sunshine coast great for outside patio

Kumo Folding Arm Awning

picture of Kumo retractable folding arm awning system in the open position

Kumo system - the KUMO awning boasts a smooth round fully enclosed cassette that contains very few components, and easy to maintain. You can choose between a manual or motorised system.

This awning designed to

  • Withstand up to 50km/hr winds

  • Can span up to 6mtr widths and 3 mtr protection

  • Enclosed cassette protecting awning fabric within when not in use.

  • Manual or motorised.

  • Powder coated after components have been cut to size increasing the life of the awning in coastal conditions.

  • No visable screws

kumo system from Coastal Awnings
Kumo folding arm awning one of the best outdoor blinds

Stein Folding Arm Awning

picture of open position of the retractable folding arm awning stein system

Stein system - the STEIN its horizontal awning system design is best suited for installation under roof eaves.

You can choose between manual or motorised system

This awning designed to

  • stand up to 50km/hr winds

  •  can achieve 14 mtr widths and up to 3.5 mtr projection

  •  stainless steel fixings.

  • Powder coated aluminium and stainless steel

  • Huge range of fabric to choose from.

stein system from coastal awnings in closed position

Motorisation of your Awnings

motorisation for patio awning

Coastal Awnings your Automation Specialist for

Sunshine Coast

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