Pvc Blinds & Awnings for the Sunshine Coast

PVC blinds are a cost effective way to shelter against the wind and rain

Ziptrak® Patio Blinds

outdoor pvc blinds and awnings for the sunshine coast

PVC Ziptrak® Blinds

  • The premium pvc patio blinds are the Ziptrak® side retention blinds, as there are no ropes and pulleys or crank handles, just move to desired height and thats it, its that easy.

  • When retracted it all seats neatly up in an inclosed headbox, so making it visually pleasing and virtually invisable when not in use.

  • Checkout the video below showing the operation of the Ziptrak® Blinds.

pvc outside patio blinds are some of the best on the market and a great price and best of all locally manufactured
outside pvc awnings and patio blinds

PVC Cafe Blinds

pvc outside blinds and awnings for the sunshine coast region

Maximise your outdoor patio area all year round by enclosing your patio or verandah with tinted or clear PVC awnings, so your outdoor patio areas can be used for entertaining all year round.

We use UV stabilised commercial zips.

All Coastal Awnings PVC awning are fully welded.

All joins will be vertical to cater for expansion and contraction which happens with pvc blinds during hot and cold weather. Horizontal joins can be requested but will not be under warranty.

All our PVC blinds have as standard COLOURED BORDERS adding Style and strength to our awnings. You can choose your own colour from our great range.

PVC blinds can be manufactured with a Rope & Pully style setup or crank Operated & motorised patio blinds.

Coastal Awnings

Pvc Patio Awnings are very popular around the

Sunshine Coast Region