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External Roller Shutters

Roller Shutters colours

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Coastal Awnings roller shutters provide much more than just sun-protection. They offer thermal insulation reducing energy costs and sound insulation and even improve security of your home or business, and if you opted for the motorised roller shutters it has another advantage; the motors are equipped with an anti-lift device, significantly improving home security protection . Furthermore external roller shutters effectively protect your homes window frame from wind and weather.

Motorised Roller Shutters

Motorisation can be applied to all roller shutters types. The roller shutters are raised and lowered at the push of a button on a remote control. If fully automated operation is preferred, you can simply set the roller shutters on a timer, or additionally adding sensors allows the roller shutters to close automatically in bad weather or when it gets dark outside improving home security.

External Roller Shutters can be operated from inside your home eliminating the need to go outside and expose yourself to the harsh weather during storms. If you install the 12v motorised roller shutter option you don’t have to worry about power outages.

Most people don’t know that they come with an optional, motorized remote controlled system that is battery operated or 240v as well as a manual control, size limits apply, making the roller shutters the perfect solution for all weather conditions.

Roller Shutters Colours

  • There are various types of slat colours to choose from and different sized roller shutter box head units.

  • Stripe patterns are available using existing colours. Please keep in mind that the stripe pattern you see on the out side of your home, is the same as you will see from inside your home. The slats are the same colour both sides.

  • The maximum size for a Manual winder control is 5 square meters after which it will need to be motorized.

  • All electric exterior roller shutters come supplied with SOMFY motors. SOMFY is well known as a world leader in tubular motor technology.

Window roller shutters sunshine coast

Roller Shutters Offer Perfect Privacy 

 Exterior roller shutters don’t just offer thermal insulation saving energy and reducing energy bills to the homeowners but also offer protection from the curious passers-by while shutters also providing additional security to the home or business by making it much more difficult for those unwanted guests to gain access to the house or business through the windows.

Frequently asked questions about roller shutters

Question, Can I install roller shutters myself ?

Answer, Simple answer yes, But we would highly recommend a professional installer install the roller shutters.

Q, Are the roller shutters storm rated ?

A, when it comes to quality aluminium roller shutter there are a couple of different types that we supply, there is one that is for general security, reducing noise and weather protection which has a foam core aluminium curtain for keeping in or keeping out heat and there is also a cyclone rated exterior shutters that have a very heavy duty aluminium shutter box and curtains.

Q, What is the costs of exterior rolling shutters?

A, There are many variables when it comes to the cost of exterior aluminium shutters whether they are front mounted roller shutters, top mounted roller shutters what size head box is being supplied, size of windows also the difficulty of the installation E.g drilling into steel or wood and weather the system is motorised or manually operated.

Coastal Awnings Exterior Rolling shutters offer great protection against the coastal conditions here on the Sunshine Coast.

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Coastal Awnings

External Roller Shutters perfect for Sunshine Coast Conditions


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